Forward Detectors: T0, V0 and FMD

Histogramming and fittinging library for use in the Detector Algorithms, based on GSL (GNU Scientific Library). These are simple C++ wrappers of the GSL histogramming and fitting routines. This requires GSL.

Important: There is a bug in GSL which prevents one from reusing fitter objects. In particular, the lmder and lmsder algorithms have a problem. The problem is, that lmder_set (invoked by gsl_multifit_fdfsolver_set) does not reset the internal structures of the lmder_struct state variable. This library provides a brute-force work-around (it resets the internal structures it self). To see the problem download the data below, unpack it to some directory, and run the testBug program from the distribution.

  ./testBug [-e|-d] *.hist

The option -e enables the bugfix, and -d disables it.

RPM Library RPM for CERN Scientific Linux 3
RPM Development RPM for CERN Scientific Linux 3
SRPM Source RPM for CERN Scientific Linux 3
DATA Histograms to show bug in LMDER fitter. The data is ADC spectra from silicon sensors with no signal - that is, it is pedestals. You can draw the spectra in GNUPlot, by doing
         gnuplot> plot '16_0_0_32_2.hist' using 1:2:4 with errorbars

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